International fresh and frozen food merchant

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Global network //

Founded in 2005, Prodway was initially specialized in exporting meat products to the Middle-East. Once a solid market was build in the Middle-East area, Prodway moved to develop the African, Asian and European markets and expanded its commercial line to include seafood, fruits, vegetables and dry foods. Prodway relies on a global network of producers, farmers and first grade industries and provide its partners with global sourcing solutions.

Clients //

A thorough knowledge of each market, an understanding of products specifications and consumer habits, allow Prodway to offer its customers customized solutions combining competitiveness, quality and responsiveness. Importers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, Prodway provides you the most suitable products in terms of quality, price, origin and packaging.

Suppliers //

With a continuing objective to be the preferred partner for its suppliers, Prodway will find the best markets for your products and assist you in conquering new markets by providing market research, health certification, sales representation and logistics. Producers, farmers, exporters, Prodway is the best extension for your business strategy.

Import export //

From production to delivery, Prodway supports all stages of your orders: negotiating best prices, production delay, inspection and quality control, transportation and logistics, health documents, financial services ...
Prodway provides its knowledge and experience to its customers and suppliers for a successful trading.